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ATEX pumps: the new range from Berarma

The new range of ATEX pumps is available among our Berarma products.

After renewing the entire range of variable displacement vane pumps with the new PLP, PHP and PHPK series, at Berarma we have decided to expand our offer by introducing variants intended for use in ATEX certified potentially explosive atmospheres.

All ATEX pumps have received EU certification for applications in potentially explosive atmospheres. The pumps are therefore CE marked in accordance with the ” Atex ” 2014/34 / EU directive.


The new series of PLPX, PHPX and PHPKX pumps is mainly aimed at integrators or installers who, having to build a system intended for potentially explosive environments, need to exploit the fluid power of an ATEX certified product according to the 2014/34 / EU directive.


The ATEX certified PLPX, PHPX and PHPKX pumps are supplied together with the documentation required by the directive (Instruction Manual and Declaration of Conformity to Directive 2014/34 / EU).

Thanks to the new range of ATEX certified Berarma pumps, we can offer a range of variable displacement pumps for continuous pressures up to 250bar and displacements up to 120cm³ / rev for each pump.

With the aforementioned performances, we are able to apply our new products in systems where piston pumps are historically used.

It is therefore advisable to evaluate the replacement of piston pumps with vane pumps.

The advantages of a vane pump: The main advantages of a vane pump compared to a piston pump are:

  • significantly lower noise level
  • lower purchase cost
  • greater simplicity of implementation and management
  • higher volumetric efficiency

To find out about the characteristics of our products, or to have any useful information, contact us directly.