An overview of the new type 01-PLP/PHP1-20-25-32 pumps

Thanks to ongoing research aimed at introducing innovative products to the market characterized by high technological content and excellent reliability, we are pleased to inform you that beginning from 01 May 2017, Berarma srl will gradually start to discontinue the existing pumps produced up to now, namely type 02-PVS/PSP-1-20/25 and 02-PVS/PSP-2-31. At the end of this process, the products listed above will be completely replaced by the new type 01-PLP/PHP1-20-25-32 pumps:

Key Features of the New 01-PLP-1 and 01-PHP-1 Pumps:

  • Flow regulator unit, fitted as standard to all pumps, through which it will be possible to mechanically reduce the pump displacement.

  • The type 01-PHP-1 pumps will be able to reach a maximum working pressure of 250 bar!/li>
  • The shaft, mounting flanges, inlet and outlet will be completely interchangeable with the old type 02-PVS-1 and 02-PSP-1 pumps.

  • The type 01-PLP-1-32 and 01-PHP-1-32 pumps (currently available in size 1) will be more compact than the old type 02-PVS-2-31 and 02-PSP-2-31 models, and as a result will only be interchangeable on a performance level.

  • There will be two different configurations: “single pump” and “connectable/combined pump”, where the rear pump shaft and rear cover are set up for coupling to the various available coupling units with all Berarma pumps and with the other leading types of pump on the market (the same couplings of the old type 02-PVS-1 and 02-PSP-1 pumps can be used).

  • Possibility of coupling with our special direct-drive motors without coupling units (type GMP)

  • Silent Running and High Volumetric Efficiency, Energy Saving, Economy and Simplification of the hydraulic system.

Type 02-PVS and 02-PSP pumps from 40cc to 100cc displacement will remain in production.
Soon the catalogue and updated price list will be online.

Please contact our Technical/Sales Office if you require any further information.