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Discovering the new industrial manipulator in Berarma

Berarma is pleased to show the new intelligent industrial manipulator that you can find in our company. As you can watch in the video below, the new system allows the pump to be moved optimally during its assembly and testing phase, providing a step forward towards improved productivity, safety and ergonomics.

New ATEX Pumps UE Certification

New Atex Pumps UE CertificationBerarma is proud to announce to have updated the ATEX Pumps UE Certification. The ATEX Pumps are now CE marked according to “Atex” 2014/34/UE directive. Pumps are certified ATEX II 2/2 GD ck 135°C (T4) X.

The new 01-PLP/PHP-2/3: the assembly line

Berarma is proud to show her new 01-PLP/PHP-2/3 pumps assembly line in a more automated way. In this way the assembly is faster and more accurated than in the past, thanks to the Berarma great professionalism. In fact, the product has more control, quality and warranty.