Here are the FEM data of our new PHP pumps: see the gallery


Here is how we implemented the FEM data in order to improve the new PHP pumps. We already talked about in our last article about the new PHP pumps coming at the end of the year (here is the news: http://www.berarma.it/nuovepompephp ) . The great results we obtained with our research are also thanks to the detailed FEM data our tech team gathered. In fact, every new Berarma product is made thanks to great new innovations and the best technologies in the oleodynamics field. That is the reason why our staff works using only the best software available.

Why  is a FEM analysis important:
    • It gives more precise data regarding: resistance, load capacity, security and functionality.
    • It guarantees an overall better project because you can see the critical factors.
    • It lets us speed up the product development
    • It gives us higher quality and reliability for our products

    What results did our PHP pumps gain from these tests?

Thanks to the FEM data results we were able to optimize the size of our PHP pumps, in particular in the areas were the pumps is more stressed: but without compromising its functions. Thanks to this refinery we were able to realize a compact product also able the reach 250 bar of pressure.

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  Here is the gallery with the pictures of the FEM structural analysis results: because for Berarma it is fundamental that the new PHP pumps are on par, if not even higher, then the desired level expected from our clients, while also being approved by our industries field tests.


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