New ATEX Pumps UE Certification

New Atex Pumps UE CertificationBerarma is proud to announce to have updated the ATEX Pumps UE Certification. The ATEX Pumps are now CE marked according to “Atex” 2014/34/UE directive. Pumps are certified ATEX II 2/2 GD ck 135°C (T4) X. ATEX Pumps are a series of variable displacement vane pumps certified for application in potentially explosive atmospheres.

More Details about the ATEX Pumps

All the ATEX Pumps present this important qualities:
  • silent running
  • high efficiency
  • long working life
  • modular realization
  • save energy
All the ATEX Pumps are available with different types of:
  • monting flanges
  • port connections
  • pressure/ flow rate controls
  • possibility to coupling two or more pumps
Please contact our technical-commercial support to have all the information you need