New oleodynamic PHP pump: coming in 2017


Berarma is proud to announce the new pump 01-PHP-2-64 coming in the second half of 2017.
Compared to the pump 01-PHP-1-32 that we showed you in this video, the PHP-2 pump has different measures and displacement.
Let’s find out the main features of the new PHP-2 pump. At the end of the article we have prepared a preview just for you: you will see the new pump directly in action.

Technical details of the new oleodynamic pump

Here are the main key points of the new PHP-2 pump:
    • Max working pressure: 250 bar
    • Max flow: 95 l/m @ 1500 rpm
    • Noise level: 71 db, as you can see in the video
  This new Berarma oleodynamic pump will bring you the optimal solution to your work needs.

The best quality by Berarma

Like all Berarma products every single PHP pump is subject to  very keen tests.
Thanks to the serial number appointed to every pump it is possible to track every phase of the tests. Even the operator who tested the pump can be traced along with where and when the pump was shipped.
All of these steps are executed while thinking about maximum security and quality.
Our objective is to guarantee a trackable and secure quality check, from our warehouse to yours.

Here is a video preview of the new PHP oleodynamic pump

The new PHP-2 pump will be available from mid-2017, but we want to give you a quick taste of what for us is a great addition to the family of Berarma products. Here is the video preview of the pump in action:

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