NRV Valves: the new catalogue

NRV Valves, New Catalogue Berarma is pleased to announce to have updated the NRV Valves Catalogue. We added to the list the NRV ValvesNon Return Valve With SAE Flange Series 3000 And 6000.

NRV Valves – Non Return Valve With SAE Flange Series 3000 And 6000: the details

Here you can read some of the most important features about the NRV Valves:
  • Flange and valve integrated in the same body;
  • Connection for circuit pressure reading;
  • Easy to use;
  • Can be used with Berarma Size 2 and 3 pumps (only 3000 series);
  • Thanks to their modular design they can be installed in any system.
Let’s find all the details about the NRV Valves in this link. Please contact our technical-commercial support to have all the information you need.