Oleodynamics: 7 reasons to choose the new Berarma pumps


Find out 7 good reason to choose our new PHP pumps.

Here in Berarma  we always believe in quality and innovation. We want our products to give you not just a simple edge but a real upgrade to your life at work.
With the arrival of the new oleodynamic pumps 01-PHP-2-64 and 01-PHP-1-32 approaching, we have decided to give you not one, but seven good reasons to choose the new PHP pumps.

Let’s find out how Berarma oleodynamic pumps will improve your work.


Here are 7 good reasons to choose the new Berarma pumps:

1.Low noise(see more in the video we mention below).
2. High volumetric efficiency.
3. Low response times.
4. Economy and simplification of hydraulic system .
5. Modular design
6. Energy Saving.
7. Long working life


These reasons make the new oleodynamic pumps made by Berarma a real alternative to piston pumps.

The two new PHP pumps will be available in 2017; while waiting we invite you to see the video of the pumps in action on Berarma official YouTube channel.

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