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Motor Pump GMPX ATEX

BERARMA, in order to satisfy all demands of its customers, has launched into the market the new series of Motor Pump Integrated Units named GMPX certified for application in potentially explosive atmospheres. GMPX Motor Pump Integrated Units are realized with:
  • one Berarma Pump
  • one asynchronous three phase electric motor with special mounting flange
Pumps and electric motors are both CE marked according to “ATEX” 94/9/EC directive. Pumps are certified ATEX II 3/3 GD ck 135°C (T4) X Electric motors are certified ATEX II 3 GD EEx n II T110°C The motor/pump DIRECT coupling system allows to eliminate all parts between pump and electric motor (drive couplings, bell-housings, …):
  • guaranteeing perfect coaxiality between the two shafts
  • reducing group dimension.


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