• outlet-manifold

Outlet manifold

Outlet manifold has been designed by Berarma in order to combine the flow-rates of two PVS / PSP size 3 combined pumps. In particular its installation is suggested for Berarma PSPC pumps.Features and technical data:
  • Maximum flow-rate 211 l/min.
  • Maximum working pressure 160 bar
  • Includes a couple of non return valves (check valves) type Berarma NRV 3 for each pump outlet port connection
  • Pump port connections: n°2 SAE J518 3000 series flanges dimension 1″ 1/4
  • Hydraulic system port connection: ISO 228 G 1″ 1/2 thread
  • Includes maximum pressure relief valve
  • Includes pressure gauge port connection in order to measure hydraulic system pressure
  • Simplification of hydraulic system