The test cycle of the hydraulic pumps

In Berarma we care about the quality of each piece that leaves our warehouses.
Each phase of production is followed with passion by a specialist, from design to  shipment.
Today we will tell you one of the steps we are most proud of: testing.   In fact all Berarma pumps are always 100% tested with a meticulous process.
But what are the processes in this testing?

How the testing works:

First and foremost to each pump is assigned a serial number at the beginning of the tests; this number then identifies each piece throughout the whole product life.
Then begins the testing of each pump: the products are put on the test bench and in that moment the indicated registration is recorded within our system.

Thanks to this meticulous method here in Berarma we can always know exactly for you:
– The day when each pump has been tested.
– What operator has proven.
– The outcome of the testing.

Each of these data is then recorded and maintained in the system for all eventualities. The test cycle lasts more than 30 minutes for each pump. That is in order to ensure that the pumps are reliable when they ship. All this to give you a tested safe product. See it for yourself in the video at the end of this article.


Revision and follow up:

A big plus is constituted by the fact that the pumps also enter a retest cycle, for both general control and assistance:  in which all the internal components can be replaced in case of need.
Whenever we perform an extra maintenance on a pump, Berarma always repeats the whole procedure, that is to always guarantee maximum efficiency.

Here is the video of the process in action: