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P/Q control: a new solution in our pumps.

Berarma, in order to meet customer requests, introduce you a new solution that allows proportional control of flow and/or pressure, all perfectly integrated into the pump. This solution allows the accurate adjustment of the pressure and flow parameters, adapting to the system requirements in real time with consequent energy savings. Berarma technicians are available for any clarification.

New Berarma Pumps: 01-PLP/PHP3 – (80cc; 100cc; 120cc)

new berarma pumps PLP and PHP Thanks to ongoing research aimed at introducing innovative products to the market characterized by high technological content and excellent reliability, we are pleased to inform you that beginning from next days, Berarma srl will gradually start to discontinue the existing pumps produced up to now, namely type:
  • 02-PVS-3-(80cc; 100cc; 120cc)
  • 02-PSP-3-(80cc; 100cc; 120cc)