The new 01-PLP/PHP-2/3: the assembly line

Berarma is proud to show her new 01-PLP/PHP-2/3 pumps assembly line in a more automated way. In this way the assembly is faster and more accurated than in the past, thanks to the Berarma great professionalism. In fact, the product has more control, quality and warranty.

More information about the new PLP PHP 2 pumps

  • Flow regulator unit, fitted as standard to all pumps, through which it is possible to mechan-ically reduce the pump displacement;
  • The type 01-PHP-2 pumps are able to reach a maximum working pressure of 250 bar;
  • There will are two different configurations: “single pump” and “connectable/combined pump”, where the rear pump shaft and rear cover are set up for coupling to the various available coupling units with all Berarma pumps and with the other leading types of pump on the market (the same couplings of the old type 02-PVS-2 and 02-PSP-2 pumps can be used).

Please contact our Technical/Sales Office if you require any further information.