The new oleodynamic PHP pumps are coming: 5 reason why they will improve your work.

pompe oleodinamiche

With the incoming release of the new PHP pumps now it’s the best time to find out all the reasons why these new products will offer a wide variety of solutions for you.

  Innovation is near: and for Berarma it will always be the perfect match between quality and performance.
We are now ready to launch our new series of PHP pumps and we want to give you a preview of what for us is an huge improvement in our mission to reach out to you.
Here are the 5 main reasons why we are sure that your work will improve.

  1)      Pressure and displacement:  the perfect combination

  We are proud to announce that the new  PHP pumps  with  high performance potential will reach up to 250 bar of pressure and according to your needs they will come in 3 different displacement: 20cc, 25 cc and 32cc. Depending on your goal we want your PHP pumps to be perfect for you and your production.

  2)     Pressure and Flow control solution : our offer for you

    Talking about the new pressure/flow solutions : one of the main features of these pumps will be the possibility to apply to them a wide variety  types of hydraulic, electrical and proportional adjustment devices in order to control the pump flow-rate and/or pressure .
  As a nice bonus all the pumps will include by default our mechanical stroke reducer.

  3)      The series: a perfect system to reach your objective

  Berarma is making the new PHP pumps with versatility as their main appeal, that is because we aim to satisfy your needs. So that you can always be sure that your idea becomes a real success while also keeping consistent energy savings. You  want to know the list of additions to our catalogue? Here they are:

  PCS002 – Pump with remote pressure control
PCS003 – Pump with two-stage pressure control, one with fixed setting
PCS004 – Pump with two-stage pressure control, both adjustable
PCS005 – Pump with proportional pressure control
PCLS001 – LOAD SENSING pump with single-stage pressure compensator
PCLS002 – LOAD SENSING pump with remote pressure control
PCLS003 – LOAD SENSING pump with two-stage pressure control, one with fixed setting
PCLS004 – LOAD SENSING pump with two-stage pressure control, both adjustable
PCLS005 – LOAD SENSING pump with proportional pressure control

           4)       Quietness  and volumetric efficiency : silence is key

  Thanks to the dual axial hydrostatic balancing  and to the double internal inlet and outlet channel   we were able to implement a perfect combination: extremely low noise while keeping an high volumetric efficiency. A breakthrough technology for Berarma PHP pumps.

           5)     Release date: the best way to start the new year

  You are just in time to implement them in your work: the new pumps are scheduled to launch between the end of 2016 and the start of 2017. This way your new year will begin with the best results.
    With these possibilities we aim to offer a complete and unique service, custom made for you.
As the launch date approaches here is a gallery for you:

  pompe oleodinamichepompe oleodinamichepompe oleodinamiche