The new PHPK pumps with the ‘’Constant Power’’ control

PHPK pump constant PowerBerarma is proud to announce to have designed the ”Constant Power’’ control device for its PHPK type variable displacement vane pumps.

Berarma Constant Power: how to work?

The Berarma Constant Power allows the optimum usage of absorbed power. The operating principle is based on maintaining the flow-pressure product (q x p) practically constant. In this way, that when the pressure increases, the flow decreases and vice versa, according to a characteristic hyperbolic-type curve.

Where you can find the ‘’Constant Power’’?

Brarma pumps with “Constant Power” control are especially suited for those systems with a work cycle consisting of two operating phases:
  • a first phase characterized by a quick-approach at low pressure;
  • a second phase characterized by low speed and high pressure (e.g. forming, drawing, blanking presses, etc.).
In this way, you can set up a system using only one pump, where previously two pumps were required, resulting in obvious cost savings.

The characteristics of the new series of 01 PHPK

The new series of 01 PHPK pumps combines the characteristics of other Berarma variable displacement vane pumps with:
  • silent running;
  • high efficiency;
  • long working life;
  • economy and simplification of hydraulic system;
  • modular design;
  • energy saving.

What makes the New Berarma 01 PHPK series of pumps unique?

In the New Berarma 01 PHPK you can find some interesting and useful functions:
  • dual inlet and outlet channels in the internal pump cartridge;
  • dual axial hydrostatic balancing on the distribution plates;
  • “forced” hydrodynamic lubrication on journal bearings;
  • reduction in wear on internal pump cartridge parts;
  • innovative shapes and design;
  • 180 bar working pressure.

Berarma looks always for winning solutions

With the creation of ‘‘Constant Power’’, Berarma has showed how it always looks for solutions which allow to offer increasingly advanced systems and components to its users.

Please contact our technical-commercial support to have all the information you need